Windows and doors for Trade and Newbuilds

Windows and Doors for Trade and Newbuilds


Windows and Doors for Trade and Newbuilds


Since 1994, DAKO products are featured in homes all over the world.
The company was founded by the Studzinski brothers 28 years ago. Since then, we’ve been producing and exporting premium window joinery, front and garage doors, as well as window blinds to over 50 countries.

Why choose the DAKO brand?

Our team understands your home or project vision, and we take your project requirements to the drawing board. With meticulous attention to detail and an eye for classic European windows and doors design, our mission is to provide you with beautiful products that you will proudly own.


Enjoy panoramic views with minimum obstructions.

Achieve this by incorporating our sliding patio doors with an elegantly concealed frame based on an innovative, ultra-slim frame design. Recently appreciated by the industry as Window and Door category finalist at the US largest building expo IBS.

Windows your home needs and your vision desires.

Settle only on aesthetically pleasing, safe, secure, and durable windows that provide a healthy amount of light.
Although often underestimated architectural elements of a home, apartment, or commercial building, windows play a crucial part in enhancing the building’s look and feel. They should provide optimal natural light, safety, warmth, and silence and guarantee long and trouble-free performance. Besides, windows should also look pleasing, emphasising the unique character of a building.

Choices of Windows:

Front Doors

Front Entry Doors

The first impression counts; therefore, when designing DAKO front entry doors, we took into account all of the important functional and aesthetic requirements. We have combined the most advanced technological solutions with the highest quality design and attention to detail to give you a safe, secure, and durable door, but also one that is unique and attractive.

Why choose front entry doors from DAKO?

  • Highest level safety guaranteed, conforming to security classes Rc2 and Rc3.
  • Excellent thermal insulation parameters.
  • Durability and ease of maintenance.
  • Attractive and elegant design.
  • A wide range of external door solutions made from aluminium, wood and vinyl.

Patio Doors

Sliding and Folding Patio Doors
Find your way to your patio!

Why are sliding patio doors the right choice?

The most important advantages of the solution are:

  • Aesthetic appearance – modern design and construction techniques allow for extensive glazing that optically extends the interior.
  • Increased glass surface – it provides rooms with greater access to natural sunlight, especially in winter.
  • Space-saving – thanks to the opening system that does not require additional space inside the room.
  • Functional technologies – that allows for light and comfortable operation of patio doors, despite their heavyweight and dimensions.
  • Excellent performance parameters – guarantee thermal and acoustic insulation at an optimal level for the house.

Product Ranges:

External Roller Shutter

Get to know the exterior roller shutters from DAKO

Shields of this type are used in single-family homes and apartments.

Among the range of advantages of external roller shutter, customers most often pay attention to their impact on saving energy used to heat the house and thus reduce maintenance costs.

Before making a final decision, it is important to identify and choose the right external roller shutter model. Installation of some models is only possible at a specific stage of construction and requires consideration in the design of the building. We offer several types of external roller shutters.

Having external roller shutters has many benefits:

  • Energy-saving and thermal insulation of the building prevents excessive sunlight exposure in the rooms in the summer and in winter contributes to significant savings of heat energy and consequently, reduces energy bills.
  • Possibility to adjust room lighting according to current needs.
  • Increased sound insulation and a noticeable reduction in noise levels in rooms with closed shutters.
  • Protection of windows from sun, wind, rain, snow, and other weather conditions. A closed roller shutter will reduce color fading, which is significant for carpentry mounted in places of intense sunlight.
  • Guarantee full privacy and protection from the curious eyes of neighbors.
  • An increase of house anti-burglary qualities and the sense of security of the household – roller shutters, even those without an anti-burglary classification, will definitely make it difficult to force the window.

Product range:

Garage Doors

The garage door fits perfectly

The garage has become an inseparable element in the design and construction of a modern single-family house – it is worth taking care of its functionality.

When planning your home’s construction, it is good to consider space arrangements that will allow you to store the means of transportation that we use everyday – cars and bicycles. The garage will effectively protect them against thieves and the harmful effects of various weather conditions. Convenient and functional use of it requires the selection of the right garage door. DAKO’s offer includes comfortable, aesthetic, and durable garage doors for your home.

DAKO garage doors are:

  • The safety of garage users and its contents as well as optimal thermal insulation.
  • The beautiful appearance of the gates available in various variants.
  • The possibility of matching the appearance to other elements of the house and facade.
  • Saving space inside the garage and on the driveway thanks to the functional opening.
  • Comfortable operation of the garage door possible thanks to the use of a drive.

We present the 5 most important points to remember when choosing a garage door:

The main elements used during production, i.e., garage door panels and steel, significantly affect the final product’s durability and reliability. Made of the highest quality materials and equipped with proven and stable construction elements, it is a guarantee that the door will serve for many years.

The reliability of the garage door and the selection of appropriate security measures guarantee the safety of garage users (who are also children!). It is worth paying particular attention to the equipment with elements that ensure safety, such as overload switch, protection in the event of a cable and spring break, or the panel’s safe shape that does not allow the accidental crushing of fingers.

Properly carried out ensures smooth operation of the door and eliminates any possible heat losses that could reduce the garage’s thermal insulation properties.

A properly selected, fast, and energy-saving drive facilitates the gate’s operation and guarantees comfortable use in various circumstances. A wide selection of additional accessories for the door drive allows its functions to be tailored to users’ needs and guarantees the maximum safety and comfort of door operation.

The visual side of your joinery is the one that we pay the most attention to during use. If you want to live in a beautiful house – take care of beautiful doors, windows, gates, and roller shutters that match each other and your home. Due to the large surface, the gate becomes an essential element of the facade; it is especially worth taking care of its adaptation to the character and other aspects of the house.

Product Types:

Window Blinds

Comfortable interior due to window blinds

A functional element of every window, providing comfort of use.

Various types of textile and pleated blinds effectively protect against excessive solar radiation and guarantee a pleasant shade. During high temperatures outside, prevent excessive heating of the room. Window blinds also provide excellent privacy protection. The interior is the privacy space and guarantees comfort and intimacy.

Mosquito nets allow for comfortable ventilation of rooms without fear of flies or other insects getting inside the house. Simple installation and a large selection of mosquito nets adapted to different types of windows and doors, allows you to tailor the product to your individual needs.

Product Range:

Smart Home

Remote control of your home.
Smart home management systems.

DAKO products work with three advanced control solutions to enable wireless control of home appliances from anywhere globally with an internet connection.

Smart home management systems allow you to conveniently and wirelessly control your home appliances from anywhere globally with an internet connection! They allow you to create customised operating scenarios to fit your lifestyle and give feedback showing your devices’ status. Management of the system is intuitive and is done through a free application that runs on devices with internet access. Everything so you can enjoy the security of your home!

Choose a Smart Home management system perfectly suited to your needs!

  • Comfort – roller shutters that open in the morning, the garage doors that closes when you leave for work – programming scenarios for individual devices will make a living at home even more enjoyable.
  • Safety – Make sure your home is safe, even if you are far away from it. Can’t remember if you locked the garage doors? Not a problem! Our app will allow you to check the current status of your device and allow you to shut it down if necessary.
  • Savings – the ability to remotely monitor your equipment’s status allows you to adjust its location according to changing weather. Closing roller shutters will prevent the rooms from overheating in the summer or let the sun’s rays warm the rooms in the winter.

Product Line:

  • System – The system can be used for: opening and closing garage doors, roller shutters, awnings and blinds, switching on and off other devices (including household appliances, watering systems, monitoring), managing alarm, fire alarm, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems
  • Control – The system allows the control of garage doors and roller shutters as well as any number of devices by plugging the adapter into the mains socket – there are no restrictions to manufacturers of devices
  • Feedback – Possible with installation of opening sensors contacts
  • Scenario Programming – The system allows advanced operation scenarios programming of all elements within the system
  • Internet Access – Internet access available via cable or Wi-Fi
  • Installation – Non-invasive and wireless, no building remodelling required
  • Operation – via free app available for smartphone/tablet/computer or remote control