Sectional garage doors

Garages can often be draughty, cold and uninviting spaces and opening a tilting garage door can be a shin cracking chore. CarTeck Automatic changes everything.

CarTeck Automatic is a design and precision engineering led sectional garage door. Wonderful architect grade finishes and styling are married with certified thermal performance.

Operation is by an integrated smart technology remote control motor, the CarTeck Drive. Opening your door becomes effortless, safe and secure. It brings your garage back to being part of your home.

Side hinged garage doors

The CarTeck range of side-hinged garage and personnel doors come in a range of 5 styles, available either horizontal or vertical. All of the designs shown are available with any combination of finish (excluding Georgian panel) and colour.

Teckentrup side hinged garage doors and personnel doors are quite simply the very best. The solid panels, engineered hollow section aluminium frames and high grade fittings result in a door that closes with a reassuringly deep “clunk”. 

Security is excellent and the range of styles, finishes and windows allows personalisation to suit your tastes. 1/2 and 1/2 opening and asymmetric  configurations further increase versatility.

Teckentrup Swing secure

The Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure brings crisp aesthetics and solid performance; Thermal Transmittance, Resistance to Windload, Watertightness, Air Permeability and Operating Forces are all certified in these high performance doors. 

LPS 1175 ISSUE 8 A1 (SR1) & Secured by Design

Add to this, certified security to the Secured by Design Police Preferred Specification as standard, tested to LPS 1175 Issue 8 A1 (SR1) and Teckentrup 62 Swing Secure garage doors are a classic, updated for today’s homes. The superb build quality of the double leaf doors is complemented by matching single leaf doors for side or rear access to your garage space.

Teckentrup super sized

Go big! The perfect solution for openings up to 8 metres wide…

From the outside our Super-Size doors are indistinguishable from our “normal” sized garage doors – the same stunning profiles, the same attractive windows and finishes. They are just wider – Super-Size doors start above 5.5m (18’0”) wide and reach 8.0m (26’3”) wide in a single span. 

Robust and good-looking

Wonderful architect grade finishes and styling are married with certified thermal performance.


Below are decal options available on Sectional Garage Doors and Side Hinged Garage Doors